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  • Universal Laundry Press Machine
Universal Laundry Press Machine

Universal Laundry Press Machine

  • Code: LE0029
  • Dimension: 1200*1280*1300
  • Work Space: 1200*300
  • Power: 230/1/50, 0.75kw
  • Product description: Universal Laundry Press Machine


Work Space: 1200*300mm

Steam Pressure 0.4~0.5mpa

Consumption of Steam 15kg/h

Compress Air Pressure 0.6mpa

Compressed air consumption 2.5m/min


  1. This machine is through the operating of several kinds of structure and valves by hand and foot stomping, to finish shaping and ironing of wool, synthetic fiber and cotton material clothes.
  2. Reasonable structure, easy for maintenance and operation, Widly used in hotels, armies, dry cleaning shops, garments factories, suitable for wool, synthetic fibers and knitted wears. Easy operation and maitainance, extremely practicable.


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